Chalk Paint 101


You may have hard of Chalk Paint, or even used it already. I myself tried it for the first time a few ago and was hooked.
Annie Sloan was the original inventor/producer of chalk paint back in 1990. Unable to find exactly the right product for her paint distressing business in the UK she created her own. Since then many more companies have added their own version to the market.


Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint is another well know brand. I have not used this particular paint, so can’t really comment but I am sure the end result is pretty similar.
Most stockists of AS Chalk Paint offer classes where one can try out this fun paint technique and get the hang of all the different products and tools.


If you are wondering what chalk paint is or does, here is a brief explanation.

Chalk paint was introduced so that one can achieve the look of an old distressed piece of furniture or decor by painting on layers and then lightly or heavily sanding in areas where distressing would naturally occur (such as corners, knobs and handles or areas with decorative relief). There is no prepping or sanding the furniture, just brush on the paint leave it to dry (which is usually quite quick) add one more coat if desired and then the fun begins with sanding.
This is one of the reasons why I love Chalk Paint, not only it’s versatility but ease of use too.
The paint itself is a little more expensive ($39.95 for a quart) than regular paint, however a little goes a long way I found.
I managed to paint a bed frame, chest of drawers and a large mirror all from one quart!!!


There are also two main waxes (soft and dark) and gilding waxes (see my mirror) too if you want to get fancy and creative. Wax is recommended as it adds durability, it also slightly deepens the color and adds a light sheen to the finished piece.
The dark wax gives the paint a much deeper and richer color and can be added in certain areas to create depth and contrast instead of all over.
Applying wax can be tricky, the idea is you apply it onto the paint sort of like rubbing in hand cream. Using a soft cotton cloth or rag work the wax into the crevices and paint then remove excess with a clean cloth. It will be dry to the touch very quickly but for a full cure it may take a few days depending on the size of your painted piece.

The choices of what to paint are endless, metal, wood, plastic, floors, kitchen cabinets, furniture, vases, mirrors, wall decor and even leather has been transformed.

For more information and to find a stockist of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint click here.

Happy painting!