Apologies for not posting for a while, summer is upon us already and I feel that 2016 is flying by at an alarming rate. Anyway down to the fun stuff, I was Pinteresting the other day, as I do quite often for ideas and inspiration, and came across this very cool product called Stikwood.  Stikwood is… Continue reading Stikwood!

Ikea Hacks

If you are like me and enjoy a cool transformation from nothing to something, read on…….. The thing I like about hacking Ikea products (apart from being inexpensive) is the opportunity you get to be creative and turn something plain and simple into something that looks expensive and that you won’t find in everyone else’s… Continue reading Ikea Hacks

How to Prepare a Home For Sale

Now that January is well under way, those considering selling their home may want to read on and get a head start on how to prep your home for listing. For most of us, when it comes time to selling our home, we are perhaps more concerned with ‘where do I start’ on clearing out… Continue reading How to Prepare a Home For Sale

Issues With Color

This is something many people find hard and I am always being asked to help clients pick paint colors for their home. Usually when faced with open living spaces it can be tough deciding which wall should be painted and what colors to pair with what. With the vast array of colors and brands to… Continue reading Issues With Color

Chalk Paint 101

CHALK PAINT 101 You may have hard of Chalk Paint, or even used it already. I myself tried it for the first time a few ago and was hooked.Annie Sloan was the original inventor/producer of chalk paint back in 1990. Unable to find exactly the right product for her paint distressing business in the UK… Continue reading Chalk Paint 101

Farrow & Ball

Just got the new Farrow & Ball paint deck. Lots of gorgeous colours, or colors depending which side of the pond you’re from. If your dining room could use a quick makeover before the holidays, let me help you choose a new colour.