Ikea Hacks

If you are like me and enjoy a cool transformation from nothing to something, read on……..

The thing I like about hacking Ikea products (apart from being inexpensive) is the opportunity you get to be creative and turn something plain and simple into something that looks expensive and that you won’t find in everyone else’s home. A while back I was in search of a dressing table for a bedroom makeover and came across this Ikea Malm table, it was the right size and color but it lacked interest and needed to be ‘glammed up’, it was only after a bit of Pinsearching when I came across my first hack idea. I was quite surprised just how many people were doing this and sharing/writing about it online.   If I am totally honest, although I was very happy with the end result, it was super time consuming and involved lots of small fiddly bits, (cutting wood, painting and gluing) if I had to do it again I would definitely have cut some corners (buy decals etc or buy a stick on panel) but it was my first hack and I was following directions to the T. It certainly hasn’t put me off and I am looking forward to my next fix whatever that might be.Here are some of my favorite hacks and how to do them:

Ikea Side Table Makeover

Ikea Rast Dresser Hack!

Ikea Hacked Barnboard Coffee Table Tutorial

One last thing I just want to add, this blog would not be complete without including this cool company who took the Ikea hack to the next level and started producing panels to fit Ikea pieces for easier hacking, you can have custom panels made or pick from a wide choice of in stock colors. Check them out here at http://www.panyl.com

Happy Hacking!!!!!